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Tuesday, July 29, 2008

ULTRA METAL : Sejauh Mana Kehebatannya

Introducing the Overheating ULTRA METAL UM300 from BEHRINGER

The UM300 effects pedal gives you the most extreme and sought-after hard rock or heavy metal sounds with super-thick, tube-like distortion plus endless sustain.

The UM300 features dedicated Distortion, 3-band EQ and Level controls for awesome sound shaping. A cool blue status LED for effect on/off and battery check plus a first-class electronic on/off switch for highest signal integrity in bypass mode are included. The UM300 runs on a 9 V battery or a DC power supply.
Grab your axe, ignite the UM300 and melt steel!

Saya baru beli kelmarin... Next album harap2 ada kelainan.

1 comment:

bebek said...

boss, bagi saya, anda adalah pemain gitar terbaik di Sabah.... betul dan ikhlas punya komen!!!